Custom built wood piers

Our wood piers are custom designed to meet all of your lakefront needs. Our premium wood piers are constructed with a Douglas Fir structure and your choice of wood or composite decking material.  Finally, complete "your" pier with numerous options such as a bench or ladder that fit your style.


Pier pleasure piers

Pier Pleasure piers have been manufactured since 1974.  Their dock systems offer many features and benefits not found in any other dock system. These unique features make them simple to install, level, and remove.  Pier Pleasure's adjustable legs allow leveling from the top of the dock without entering the water. Each leg levels independently and there are no set screws or holes to line up. The leg adjustment carries a full lifetime warranty.  Choose from a few different pier systems with many decking options and tons of accessories to complete your pier.  You won't find a better aluminum pier in the market today.


permanent piers

Permanent piers, where possible, can be installed over the winter months and be ready when spring arrives. These pier do not need to be removed saving you the time and money usually spent annually.  They work great in bay, channels, and smaller lakes and ponds.  You can chose multiple decking options as well as a number of accessories.  These piers are built to last.